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Peter Ruzicka Orchestral Works Vol 1

Vorecho: 2005-2006 Nachklang: 1999 Memorial per G. S: 2001 Nachtstück: 1997


Neos 11045

This is fairly difficult modernist music of 1997-2006 by a master of the large orchestra, one whom we met at one of the European contemporary music festivals where he was in charge, but whose large-scale music rarely reaches us across the Channel.

G.S. was his conductor friend Guiseppe Sinopoli, who died suddenly whilst conducting. The Memorial takes the form of a litany with 12 "chordal pillars" which reverberate differently on repetition.

It would help if their appearances were marked in the commentary with track timings; likewise for each of the 8 sections of Vorecko, which explores the phenomenon of reverberation; far better to have those guideposts rather than a couple of numbered pages of scores which no-one could pick up whilst listening. I have often made that point, and sometimes record companies have obliged by supplying the timed references to the music itself in mins & secs.

Recommended to listeners with open minds prepared to take their time with special music which slowly reveals its secrets. The works grow on you with repetition, and they are exciting "demonstration" CDs for modern equipment.

Peter Grahame Woolf