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Editorial de Musica Espanola (Agustin Maruri's label EMEC)

Chamber Studio Master Classes

The Better Land by Stephen Beet (book review)

Beaux Arts Trio Farewell - streaming on Radio 3 Listen Again

The Joyce Hatto hoax 2007 (1)

Hatto Week 2; fictitious recordings and blind listenings (2)

Hatto: her widower's "confession" (3)

Hatto Research: The Mazurka Project (4)


Does size matter? (Bach Mass in B minor BWV 232/ Jos van Veldhoven)

Genius Children (Channel 4 documentary film)

Robert Levin at "Steven Isserlis Beethoven Day"

Ustvolskaya Obituary (PGW in The Guardian, 13 January 2007)

Beethoven Op. 109-111 - Spiritualism informed by musicology

Schnabel's Beethoven recordings (2)

Does Sound Quality Matter?

Two String Quartet recitals

Wagner Society

UK Young Singer programmes

Heather O'Donnell - Ives, Herrmann & Lang from Cologne

Lachenmann at Royal College of Music 2006

Listening on computer to Cavalli's Apollo & Dafne (Naxos CD)

Listening outside the Barbican Hall

Malcolm Arnold and Robert Simpson: the Fox and the Hedgehog

The Pianola Institute 21st Anniversary

Tokyo String Quartet (Schubert D887 at Wigmore Hall and on Radio 3 Listen Again )

A month of Naxos

Wihan Quartet Master Class

Critical Notice (Unknown Public and BMIC)

Mozart House - Mozart Experience

Conrad Williams The Concert Pianist & and Vladislav Spilman The Pianist (Book reviews)


Beethoven and Clementi (RAM Research Workshop)

EDITORIAL How we listen now? [2]

The music critic blinks (Reflections upon Charles Rosen & Malcolm Gladwell)

David Rothenberg Why Birds Sing

Staging Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth operas in London

Myra Hess Celebration at the National Gallery

Book review: Frank Tallis Vienna Blood

Luis de Pablo at 75

Lontano at 30

Peter Feuchtwanger Piano Exercises

Prom Matinee - theatre and film on radio only! (Shostakovich)

Proms Composer Portrait (Jonathan Harvey)

Proms at home

(Responses How people listen )

Scelsi, a memoir - Natura Renovatur

15 and 90 - Anita Chen and Artur Rubinstein in Grieg's Piano Concerto

Listening to Gloriana on CD and DVD

Totally acoustic (Trilok Gurtu at QEH)

Operetta at Holland Park

Concerts in churches and their presentation for broadcasting (City of London Festival)

Mostly Mozart at The Barbican

Interactive Guides to Indian Classical Music and Beethoven piano music

How we listen now? (English Piano Quartets)

Mahler/ Schönberg/Stravinsky/Berio (Frank Scheffer documentary films)

Rzewski Festival (Trinity College of Music)

Another evening at RAM: Mozart, Clementi & a Marimba recital

Stockhausen's Mixtur in the dark

Teresa Berganza Masterclasses

Pierre Boulez - exposition of Eclat & Sur Incises

Prokofiev Study Day (Goldsmiths College)

Schubert's Piano Music (Goldstone, Schuchter, Staier and Tverskaya)

A day at the Royal Academy of Music
Arrangements of canonic favourites

New reconstruction of the Finale of Bruckner's Symphony No.9

Got Carter? (Elliott Carter in contexts)
Responses to "Got Carter?"

Bartók String Quartet No 4 in contexts (Carter & Muzikas)

Spectrum 4 (ABRSM Thalia Myers)

Sawkins, Ex Cathedra and Hyperion

Malcolm Bilson ‘ Knowing the Score ' DVD and J.S. Bach master classes

Signing Handel's Xerxes at ENO

John Steane's “Dozen leading voices on record”

The Best? Some thoughts about hype and hyperbole


HYPE AND REALITY Schubert Extravaganza

Beethoven's Diabelli Variations interpreted on Fortepiano & Steinway (Vorotko)

Alexander Satz Piano Master Classes at GSMD and RCM , London

York Gate Research Seminars etc (Royal Academy of Music Public Teaching Events 2005 )

José Cura Masterclass (British Youth Opera & Royal Academy of Music)

"Musical Stretching" and H.I.P. (Homburger/Guy)

Style in the 'Art' of the International Violin Competition (Elizabeth Wallfisch Early Music Review) An important contribution to the mounting body of literature expressing concern about music performance competitions

Tackling James Clarke and his Isolation

Beethoven Diabelli Variations revisited (Schnabel to Battersby and Uri Caine)

Downie What is the Masterprize? + Reply by Ian Pace

City of London Festival July 2005
The emphasis is upon bringing international artists into the magnificent churches and Livery Halls, with acoustic considerations secondary.

Guardian/BBC Proms Young Composers Competition
- hear the winning compositions online
(Duncan Ward - Trinity & Dartford)

Holiday reading suggestion : Mortal Mischief by psychologist/musician Dr Frank Tallis, a psychological murder mystery set in musical Vienna at turn of Century, with Mahler & Freud putting in appearances.

The end of the Surtitles Controversy

Blinkers off ! (Musica Sacra 2006 threatened)

Stravinsky & Mendelssohn-Hensel (RAM research events)

SCHILLERFEST Royal Academy of Music

Amateur and Expert Wieland Hoban

Who'll need CDs? (Aviv & Jerusalem String Quartets on the internet, etc)

" Only a Website " - reflections on prejudice and discrimination, with reader responses

Macmillan ringtone ( What would Teddie Say? ) Wieland Hoban

Felix Aprahamian - self-taught music critic

Shura Cherkassky - Philip Fowke lecture at Trinity College of Music

Gordon Downie & Ian Pace - a dialogue about music, visual art, culture, modernism, Marxism and Britain

Hear And Now Italians

Dmitri Smirnov - The Rhythmical Aspect of the Sacrificial Dance by Igor Stravinsky
and with a link to his article on Twelve Rhythmic Patterns of Ligeti's Lontano


Franz Schmidt CD and study score

Prokofiev in America (50th Anniversary Conference & Recital at University of London)

Book Reviews: Ruth Fleischmann 's Celebration of 50 years of Cork International Choral Festival & Aloys Fleischmann biography

Tradition and Invention: a personal response by Ian Pace to Dillon's The Book of Elements and contemporary culture

D mitri Smirnov A Geometer of Sound Crystals - A Book on Herschkowitz

Francis Schwartz's music theatre presentations

Merton Music - a publishing miracle

COPYRIGHT by Theo Wyatt

Christopher Wood Jerwood Library seminar

"Cutting Edges" of contemporary music (Editorial reflections)

Inside Monteverdi Study Weekend (Let there be lights!)

Two Radio 3 Programmes ( Hear & Now and Discovering Music )

Concepts of Rhythm in the Performance Practice of Twentieth Century Music - Mieko Kanno

HYPE AND REALITY Schubert Extravaganza

Takacs Quartet Lecture Recital (Bartok No 6) - 5.5.03

Tradition and Invention: Ian Pace ~ a personal response to Dillon's The Book of Elements

Heather O'Donnell & Charles Ives

"Why not amplify?"

The Music of Stefan Wolpe,Tate Modern September 2002

February Reports

Susan Tomes writes in The Guardian

Music and Utopia

Mörike Lieder Study Afternoon


Links & URLs to PGW's S&H reviews & reports since 1999

Musical Pointers Launch & mission statement (2002)

Luis de Pablo Article originally published in Music Web

Alexa's Hats Parade