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Haydn Quartets op.50 no.6 'Frog', op.20 no.4, and op.76 no.2 'Fifths'

The Carducci Quartet

Carducci Classics CSQ3940

Three great Haydn quartets from different periods, played by two young married pairs who all live together in the same house.

Recorded with good sound at the Leonard Stanley church in Gloucestershire, the Carducci Quartet is, all in all, competitive with their many rivals in this repertoire. Tovey is quoted as saying that after the op.20s "further progress is not progress - - simply the difference between one masterpiece and the next". You can sample the Carduccis' Fifths on their website.

Named maybe after the Italian poet Giosuè Carducci (?) I hope the Carduccis will go on to record more adventurously (from a critic's point of view) - there are so many wonderful quartets unknown in UK; if asked, I could make several suggestions...

Despite its imposing serial number, this is a first CD on the Carduccis' own label, and purchasers at their recitals will not be disappointed.

Peter Grahame Woolf

The Carducci Quartet in a recent masterclass with the Wihan Quartet:

See also Ying Chang's extensive discussion of issues arising from this release, preceded by his listening "Credo". PGW