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Carl Vine Piano Music

Michael Kieran Harvey (piano)
Tall Poppies TP190

This recorded collection of Carl Vine 's piano music since 1990 includes the world premiere recording of the twelve short Anne Landa Preludes (2006), attractive pieces which can be selected freely for performance; as published and recorded here "each is as highly differentiated from its neighbours as I could make it".

The Australian pianist, Michael Kieran Harvey (pictured with the composer) premiered both of Carl Vine's sonatas. He despatches them with stunning virtuosity. I preferred the first, whichdraws upon aspects of Carter's sonata. It evolves organically to builds layers of resonance with intense rhythmic drive. The second was given 'a far more solid structure' - to its disadvantage, by my ears.

Vine is a major composer in Australia. His music is rarely heard in our parochial country, and if this is a fair sample, we are losing out by not knowing it. Vivid recording and nice illustrations.

See http://carlvine.com/

Peter Grahame Woolf

© Peter Grahame Woolf