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Music for Charles V - Holy Roman Emperor
Cristobal Morales Missa L'homme armé; Jubilate Deo
]osquin des Pres: Ave Maria
Nicolas Gombert: Qui colis Ausoniam
Thomas Crecquillon: Andreas Christi famulus
Orlando di Lassus: Heroum soboles
Don Fernando de las Infantas: Parce mihi Domine

Chapelle du Roi/Alastair Dixon
Signum CD 019 [76 mins]

The selection of items in this well documented and generous collection of early 16 C sacred music has a Cristóbal Morales mass on the ubiquitous L'homme armé tune and his Jubilate Deo, together with a group of motets by Josquin, Gombert, Lassus etc.

Clear and forward recording (but no real church atmosphere) this London-based group of 14 singers (2 sop, 4 male altos, etc) gives authentic performances of renaissance music under the direction of Alastair Dixon, chairman of The Renaissance Society, who provides an essay about Charles V and his times. Exemplary presentation with full texts and translations, as usual with Signum.

© Peter Grahame Woolf