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Kodaly, Catoire, Ravel etc

Duos for violin & cello

Duo for violin and cello op.7 (Kodaly).
Duo for violin and cello op.124 (Justus Johann Friedrich Dotzauer).
Huit morceaux op.39 : No.1 Prelude / No.3 Berceuse / No.4 Canzonetta / No.7 Scherzo (Reinhold Gliere).
Duetto No.1 for violin and cello (Nicolo Paganini).
Variations brillantes sur 'God save the King' op.38 : Grave - Maestoso / Theme - God save the King / Variation I / Variation II / Variation III / Variation IV / Variation V (Adrien Francois Servais / Joseph Ghys).

Rudens Turku & Wen-Sin Yang

Avie AV2124

This is a small collection of rarities, excepting the Kodaly Duo of which there are several more competitive accounts available. The merit of this release is putting the Kodaly into a historical context; the violin/cello duo was popular in earlier ties, but graadually disappearedmuntio the Kodaly (and Ravel's) renewed interest

Nothing earth shaking else. The Paganini would be unrecognizable without fore knowledge, an early piece whch does not anticpate the virtuosity and notoriety which came his way, and to which the lengthy note about him is irrelevantly mostly devoted. The other pieces here would be welcome in student concerts. The CD should find a place in the libraries of college strings departments.

Peter Grahame Woolf

Georgy Catoire Complete works for violin & piano

Sonata No.2 in D minor op.20 'Poeme'
Elegy in D minor op.26.
Sonata No.1 in B minor op.15 (Catoire)

Piece en forme de habanera.
Tzigane - Rapsodie de concert (Ravel)

Hervig Zack & Bernd Zack

Avie AV2143

Before he heard an Oisrakh recording of 'this beautiful genuine music with personal flair', Catoire was completely unknown to the violinist Herwig Zack, as now to me...

Well, yes, it is quite nice high-romantic music, if finally unmemorable, and one sonata might have been wiser, since the few minutes of Ravel's Habanera eclipsed nearly an hour of Catoire before it. What a pity they didn't decide to include the marvellous Ravel Sonata to make for a more balanced programme.

Good duo playing and recording. Recommended for violinists looking for new repertoire.

Peter Grahame Woolf

But see Rob Barnett in Music Web