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Erkin & Kodalli Piano Quintets


Ulvi Cemal Erkin (1906 - 1972) : Quintet for Piano and String Quartet (1943)
11 Pieces for Piano
Nevit Kodalli (1924 - ) : Quintet for Piano and Strings (1971)

Deniz Arman Gelenbe, Haydn Quartet

Hungaroton HGR 31563
: 58 mins

This is an earlier recording from Deniz Arman Gelenbe, obtained easily via Amazon and bringing us rare and welcome acquaintance with music from this fine pianist's native Turkey; she now is based in London as Acting Director of Piano at Trinity College of Music.

It is mostly tonally based, with spicey melodic inflections, and with a basic straightforward accessibility. The Kodalli is slightly more adventurous, its Vivace finale having a substantial contrasting slow section in the middle.

The piano pieces will appeal to all familiar with Bartok's but they have a distinct flavour of their own. The quintets' textures tend to be full and rich. Both offer, at the lowest, good possibilities for intriguing encores ! The backing is remarkable for its near total lack of essential information; nothing helpful about either composer or the chosen works, nor is a lot to be found via Google...

The recording in Leuven dates from 1993 when all the musicians were based in Belgium. Recommended to collectors of 20th C. music from other cultures.

Peter Grahame Woolf