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Piano music of Peter Feuchtwanger
Haydn Dickenson

Music Chamber CD MC0001

Here is a rarely unique piano recording, successfully combining advanced playing techniques with the Eastern musics which surrounded Peter Feuchtwanger during his childhood in Israel, and which he pursued in intensive studies of Arabic and Indian Music at SOAS in London.

Better known for his book and DVD "Piano Exercises for Curing Playing Disorders and for Acquiring a Functional and Natural Approach to Piano Playing", reviewed by Musical Pointers, Feuchtwanger turns out to be a very interesting and individual composer.

Difficult to play (one of the pieces is reproduced in the book which accompanies his DVD) Peter Feuchtwanger transforms the piano into an Eastern instrument very convincingly, evoking "idioms and instruments for the Far and Middle East, as well as the Balkans and Macedonia - - transfigures the piano into a Persian santur, an Arabic qanoon or an Indian sitar - - innovative use of sonorities, including repeated notes, resonant overtones over held pedal notes, clusters and dissonances that evoke microtones, and a colourful use of melismatic arabesques." (Malcolm Miller Piano Nov/Dec 2006).

This special CD by a former Feuchtwanger pupil displays piano playing of great subtlety and whets the appetite for some of the composer's other music, which include works for voices and instruments.

Peter Grahame Woolf