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The Galeazzi Ensemble

Lesley Holliday flute Richard Wade violin Virginie Guiffray viola Gareth Deats cello

London Independent Records LIR008 [68 mins]

A cunningly conceived CD which introduces relatively unfamiliar composers of the 18 & early 19 C, who upstage minor Mozart and Schubert convincingly.

Mozart programmed a symphony by Gyrowetz (1763-1850) as one of his own, and only confessed the trick after it had caused a sensation. Chopin debuted in Vienna with a Gyrowetz piano concerto! He continued to compose in the early Viennese Classical style long after it was outmoded; a charming quartet chosen, as is Hoffmeister's. Trained lawyer, publisher and composer (b.1754 d.1812), his Quartet here is properly described as 'an exceptional work' with Sturm und Drang features. Dittersdorf (who in 1784 played quartets with Haydn, Mozart and Vanhall!) contributes a good string trio for a lean recital repertoire.

Richard Wade points out Schubert's hallmarks of augmented 6th, Neapolitan 6th & diminished 7th chords. Think of the single Schubert movement here, and the Mozart 2-movement piece (1780 - he hated the flute), as fill-ups! Dates of most of these works are not given, I guess only because they are not known? Otherwise, the recorded performances and documentation are impeccable.

A distinguished CD which deserves success for putting the famous greats in context and expanding appreciation of music of the time.

© Peter Grahame Woolf