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Georgina Whitehead and Edward Trybek
Guitar recitals

Federico Moreno-Torroba
Sonatina in A
Maurice Ohana Tiento
J.S. Bach Sonata 1 BWV 1001 in G minor
Richard Rodney Bennett Five Impromptus
Domenico Scarlatti Sonata K208 in A Major
Joaquín Turina Sonata
Antonio Lauro El Marabino

Purchase at £11.50 (inc p+p)

Georgina Whitehead's debut disc [GW1] is engaging, competent and musical. There is good, sensitive, unassuming playing, notably in the Richard Rodney Bennett miniatures and in the clear part-playing in the Bach.

In terms of production values, this CD, like Georgina's website linked below, is good, but simple; programme notes are quite short and the artwork conservative - there are many more snazzy competitors out there.

Ying Chang

Listen to samples at Georgina Whitehead's website

Tarrega Preludes etc

Edward Trybek's recital Images of Spain for his parents is undemanding standard guitar music and transpositions, with the major part given over to seventeen pieces by Tarrega.

Competent playing and well recorded. Limited info and no dates; any suggestion that this represents the whole of Spain and the guitar should be put out of mind.

Trybek should stretch himself by exploring the rich field of music by the 'Generation of '51', and 21st C Spansih guitar music. This disc is easy listening for your iPod.

More interesting is a video of Whirler of the Dance, access through his website.

Peter Grahame Woolf