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GOTHIC VOICES/Christopher Page with Emma Kirkby & Andrew Lawrence-King
Gramophone Award Winners Collection

Hyperion CDS44251/3

Here is a glorious box filled with a historic series of pioneering recordings of Hildegard of Bingen (1981), Music for the Knights of the Garter (1986) and Music in Italy 1330-1430 (1987), each alluringly illustrated, and with the full and scrupulous documentation for which Hyperion and these scholar-musicians are famous.

A particular pleasure is the medieval texts about faith, love and war, literary gems in their own right and here supplied in parallel translations, which give a rich additional dimension to listening to the music.

However scholarship may have advanced, and the experts debated and opined, in the two decades since this project got under way under the benign supervision of the late, great Ted Perry, these recordings will retain pride of place in collections of medieval music and in the discographies of the participating singers and supporting instrumentalists.

At bargain price, not to be passed by, and if you missed them first time round, you have a pleasure in waiting.

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Peter Grahame Woolf