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BEETHOVEN Contemporary Arrangements

Symphony No. 1 in G major
Symphony No. 8 in F major
Pathetique Sonata

The Locrian Ensemble
Rolf Wilson - Violin
Rita Manning - Violin
Philip Dukes - Viola
Morgan Goff- Viola
Justin Pearson - Cello



Guild GMCD 7274



BAINTON & CLIFFORD String Quartets


String Quartet in A major (1915 rev. 1920)
First recording on CD
String Quartet in D (1935)
World premiere recording

Rita Manning (violin)
Patrick Kiernan (violin)
Morgan Goff (viola)
Justin Pearson (cello)

Dutton Epoch: CDLX 7163

To declare an interest at the outset, these two CDs came my way for review through ny nephew, violist Morgan Goff. The repertoire is unusual and both CDs are well performed and recorded, with illuminating inset notes.

If you jib at being asked to buy yet another Beethoven piano sonata or symphony recordings, consider these contemporary arrangements for a new take on familiar masterpieces. These were how many music lovers of the time got to know music by listening to, and playing in, chamber ensembles, often in people's homes. These anonymous arrangements were published by Haslinger 1806/7 and the Pathetique is particularly successful. There are occasional alterations and cuts which are preserved in these recordings.

The Bainton and Clifford are typical examples of English chamber music of the 1930s, not a core interest of Musical Pointers', but worth hearing once. The notes are by Lewis Foreman, an expert on the period, and with his notes is a rare photo of Hubert Clifford with Sir Henry Wood in the ruins of Queen's Hall. Sympathetic reviews will appear in due course in Gramophone and Music Web, I'm sure.

© Peter Grahame Woolf