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Schoenberg Moses & Aaron


Naxos 8.660158-59 [1 hr 52 mins]


This bargain release has confident orchestral playing and choral singing of music which used to be "difficult" but now sounds good, to our ears euphonious and beautiful.

It is questionable for recommendation, however, despite Naxos's budget price, because there is no text with translation. They really ought to have tried to make those available on line for web purchasers, unless copyright embargos precluded doing so.

A lot of the opera has Aaron (singing) and Moses (declaiming) simultaneously, and the essay and synopsis, excellent for background, are simply insufficient for attentive listening.

All evidence suggests that this production was a notable success. Naxos provides seven illustrations in colour and b & w; I do hope they portend a DVD to follow?


© Peter Grahame Woolf