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Brahms by Nissman

Barbara Nissman, piano

Sonata No.2 in F sharp minor, Opus 2
Scherzo in E flat minor, Opus 4
Eight Piano Pieces, Opus 76
Two Rhapsodies, Opus 79
Two Waltzes, Opus 39

Pierian 0027 [TT 74 mins, Recorded August 2004]

This new recording by the American pianist Barbara Nissman features music from the early and middle parts of Brahms's career. The playing captures perfectly the bravura and intensity of the young Brahms, with some really exciting, ‘edge of the seat' playing, particularly in the opening movement of the Sonata and in the thrilling traversal of the E flat Scherzo.

In the later pieces Barbara Nissman is able to convey the sense of deep thoughtfulness and focus, and at times a troubled emotional impulse that is barely kept in check, that provided the core of the profound artist that Brahms had become.

To achieve both of these features on a single disc is, in turn, the work of a very fine artist and this disc is thoroughly recommended.


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