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Nörgard & Hind

(mainly) Works For Piano

1 Unendlicher Empfang (1997) 2 Remembering (1989) 3 Stadier (2002) 6 Achilles And The Tortoise (1983) 7 Das Unenthüllte (20) 0I 12 Violin Sonata "The Secret Meloy(1993)

David Alberman/Rolf Hind/Nicolas Hodges

Da Capo 8.226037 [64 mins]

An important addition to the Nörgard discography, with quirky, difficult music and performances of virtuosity "beyond the possible". Rolf Hind is known for his transcendent technique and Nicolas Hodges is not far behind, likewise the versatile David Alberman, whether in new music concerts or leading the 2nd violins with the LSO.

Unendlicher Empfang for two pianos establishes the ultimate complexity of which (a few of) today's pianists are capable. That piece for two pianos & two metronomes set to different tempos requires of the two pianists that each must think of themselves as "rhythmic leader" in the complex split beats sections - "once they have entered this demanding mind-set it creates a rhythmic vitality and tension quite different from simple syncopation or medieval hocketing". Superficially, the effect is not far from that complexity of Nancarrow's achieved by punching piano rolls (q.v. http://www.musicalpointers.co.uk/articles/generaltopics/pianolaDDPR.htm#day ).

The notes (Stephen Johnson) are dense but readable and informative, though para breaks would help readability! If you are intrigued rather than put off, do explore this impressive survey of Nörgard's smaller scale music, in which Rolf Hind's duo Das Unenthullte sits comfortably.

Dedicated exhilarating performances and fine, close recording; an exemplary production, highly recommended.

Peter Grahame Woolf