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Maestoso. Con anima
Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott

Moderato; Andantino
Seele, sei zufrieden!
0 du Liebe meiner Liebe

Maestoso. Allegro vivace A piacere; Andantino
Sorge, Vater, sorge du Himmelan geht unsre Bahn

Alla marcia. Pomposo

HORTUS MUSICUS on authentic instruments and THE "BAD" ORCHESTRA

Andres Mustonen, violin, bells, conductor
Mail Sildos, violin
Peeter Klaas, alto and tenor viola da gambas Imre Eenma, violone
Neeme Punder, descant and sopranino recorde Olev Ainomae, descant bombardone
Valter Jtirgenson, alto and tenor trombones
Tonis Kuurme, bass du1cian .
Ivo Sillamaa, harpsichord
Helle Mustonen, soprano
Joosep Vahermagi, tenor
Jaan Arder, tenor
Riho Ridbeck, bass
Kaia Orb, soprano
Peeter Vähi, keyboards, drum machine, voice

ANTES EDITION BM-CD 31.9059 [Tallinn, 1993 TT:51.18]

Here is an up to date, fresh and original Estonian retrospectove look at the oratorio tradition, documenting the 'ups and downs of European culture', juxtaposing an early instrument consort (the excellent Hortus Musicus) and a thoroughly contemporary set up, with the composer on electronic keyboards, drum machine and spoken voice. The commentary suggests that it reflects the Estonian attitude towards Lutheran Christianity and that of the Baltic peoples towards German culture.

It has at its core 16-18 C. hymns by Luther, Scheffler and Schmolk surrounded by stylized instrumental pieces harking back to the European Goden Age. It is a second version of a concert work with symphony orchestra 1990 YEARS AFTER THE BIRTH OF CHRIST. The version on this CD is practical and it could bring life and a 21 C perspective into a festival of Early Music anywhere, part of a healthy 'cross-over' trend also exemplified recently by the Swedish Jazz Requiem by Nils Lindberg enjoyed recently at Marktoberdorf. 2000 YEARS AFTER THE BIRTH OF CHRIST is vividly recorded and recommended.

Chamber music

To His Highness Salvador D.

Concerto Piccolo
Four Engravings of Reval
Mystical Uniting
Digital Love

HORTUS MUSICUS/Andres Mustonen

ANTES EDITION BM-CD 31.9086 [TT: 50'40]





© Peter Grahame Woolf