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Spectrum for clarinet

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ABRSM Publishing (Sheet Music + CD) For Grades 1to 8 - suitable for student, amateur and professional clarinettists of all ages

Ian Mitchell and Thalia Myers (clarinet & piano)

This is another indispensable addition to the growing Spectrum series inaugurated by Thalia Myers, with a similar format to those for piano and cello previously welcomed. I like it that the piano parts too are generally uncomplicated, making the volume ideal for children to study with their siblings or teachers. There are a few unaccompanied solos amongst the 16 items compiled by Ian Mitchell.

In my student days, I acquired a clarinet and hoped to progress from playing the recorder, but found it too demanding alongside professional (medical) studies. So I passed it on to my sister, who took it away to South Africa, and came back an accomplished clarinet recitalist and professor at Junior RAM. With pieces like these, I might have perservered...

Peter Grahame Woolf

Spectrum for Clarinet was voted Best Classical Publication at the Music Industries Association (MIA) annual awards ceremony held at The Savoy, London, on 10 October 2007.