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Stockholm Electronic Arts Award and emsPrlze in text-sound composition 1995-2004

Jean Francois CavIo: K (2002)
Christian Banasik: ... letzte Gebaerde oftener Muender (1998-99)
Miguel Azguime: La Diclble Enfin Fini (2003).
Stephan Dunkelman: Metharcana (1998)
Erik Peters: Allt som ligger (1999) 12'33
William Brunson: Creature Comforts (1998)

Jason Ernest Geistweidt: A letter from the trenches of Adrianopolis... (2004)
Hanna Hartman: Die Schrauben, die die Welt zusammenha1te (2001)
Paul Rudy: Thema: Omaggio (2002)
Frank Corcoran: Quasi una Missa (1999)
Francesco Boschetto: Your Heart is a Red Train (1994-95)
Gilles Gobeil: Nuit Candre (1995)

Caprice CAP 22057 [Total time: 71 + 80 Mins]

During the '60s Swedish Radio was leading the way in electroacoustic music, and was 'unfettered by European dogmatism' (Mats Lindstrom). It has continued to be a lively scene, and this double-CD, released in connection with the Spoken Sound festival, collects tape-music of many types, with the ems prize aiming to renew text-sound art.

The pieces, many of them fairly short, are of many types and make for lively listening. There are brief explanatory notes to give a context to most items. The compilation shows signs of being assembled in some haste, e.g. Hanna Hartman's Die Schrauben lacks a note. Although the meaning of the words being manipulated is often peripheral, for some of the works it would help to have them translated. The Irish composer Frank Corcoran's Quasi una Missa, a 'salute to all Western vocal polyphony' is perhaps the most purely 'musical' of the speech works.

A CD which displays an intriguingly wide range of imagination and computer skills. Consider also some other releases of Swedish electronic music,
e.g. constellations: electro-acoustic music from sweden


© Peter Grahame Woolf