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Telemann Concertos for flutes

Arion Baroque Orchestra (Artistic Director Claire Guimond)
Direction : Jaap ter Linden
Soloists : Matthias Maute, recorder Sophie Larivière, recorder
Claire Guimond, baroque flute Mika Putterman, baroque flute

Concerto grosso in e minor for two flutes, violin, string orchestra and continuo TWV53:e1
Concerto in a minor for recorder, viola da gamba, string orchestra and continuo TWV52:a1
Concert in F Major for recorder, string orchestra and continuo TWV51:F1
Concerto grosso in b minor for two flutes, bassoon, strings and continuo TWV53:h1
Concerto in B Flat Major for two recorders, string orchestra and continuo TWV52:B1
Concerto in e minor for flute, recorder, string orchestra and continuo TWV52:e1

Early-Music.com.inc EMCCD7763

One of the world's most successful and prolific composers (hence the complicated numbering) Georg Philip Telemann (1681-1767) has something for everyone, players and listeners.

This is an excellent survey of his concertos for flutes and recorders, ringing the changes on all combinations. Best taken about two at a time, to keep them fading into pleasant background, the timbres of the vertical and side-blown flutes become clear and distinctive. There is a good essay tracing the changing fortunes of these instruments.

The performances are alert and lively, and studio balance ensures that the dulcet transverse flutes are not overwhelmed, as happens all too easily in live performance.

A delectable CD from Quebec, recommended and far more interesting than one from the same source of Mozart's flute quartets.

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J S Bach to Mozart - following the path of the Trio Sonata

Claire Guimond Jaap ter Linden Gary Cooper

Early-Music.com.inc EMCCD7762

A pleasant collection of flute sonatas by four Bachs and the 8 yr old Mozart. I found the fine JSB B minor sonata over-cool and careful in at first, but warmed to the performances, especially the items by CPE, J Christoff and J Christian. There are two pictures of the musiciansat the bottom of the stairs laughing at a photographer's joke; see them with fuller details, and too brief listening samples, on the early-music.com website.

© Peter Grahame Woolf