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For Children
Selections from: Bach – Anna Magdalena Buch; Mozart –Early pieces; Schumann – Album for the Young; Tchaikovsky – Children's Album; Prokofiev – For Children; Schubert Scherzo No 1 D593

Geoffrey Tozer (piano)

Tall Poppies TP001


This collection is strikingly different from most of its genre in being not about children, but for them.

So the entire disc is of repertoire that is easy enough for them to play; Tozer's booklet essay (‘Dear Children'), even his biography, is designed for children to read and evangelises a happy, cheerful attitude to interpretation. The main picture is of Tozer himself as a child.


It's a valiant effort; the writing occasionally goes into the wrong register (Schumann, we are told, wrote ‘wonderfully perceptive [pieces], admirable for children') and the seven year-old Tozer pictured is managing to play some music up on the piano that is far harder than what's on the CD. But compared to collections like the Idil Biret Tchaikovsky / Schumann Kinderszenen / Debussy Children's Corner, the Livia Rev Hyperion collection or the Angela Brownridge Schumann Album for the Young complete recording, this is far more accessible for children, far more something they might themselves want to own and appreciate.


Ying Chang

For Children is a very nice CD to have; the performances are very musical, especially the Schumann, Bartok and Prokofiev. Children's pieces are taken seriously; there are also plenty of ideas for pieces whose catchy titles will attract to offer children (e.g. Prokofiev's Grasshoppers ).

The closest comparison I can think of are Exam Boards' recordings of exam pieces, but this offers much greater variety and, as Tozer writes, he clearly really enjoyed playing all the pieces. The disc is also very nicely presented. Heartily recommended to children….. and teachers.


Jill Crossland