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Veracini Sonate accademiche

Sonate accademiche Op 2: No 1 in D major; No 2 in B flat major; No 3 in G major; No 4 in F major; No 5 in G minor; No 6 in A major; No 7 in D minor; No 8 in E minor; No 9 in A major; No 10 in F major; No 11 in E major; No 12 in D minor

The Locatelli Trio

Hyperion CDS44241/3


Allegedly a backward looking rather than innovative composer, the last set of sonatas by Francesco Maria Veracini (1690-1768) recorded here - Sonate accademiche - may have been thought conservative, but under Elizabeth Wallfisch's hands they emerge as fresh and communicative, and will appeal to enthusiasts for, say, the violin music of Biber.


Peter Holman provides a good background and points the particularities of individual sonatas, which tend to be in four or five movements. The reviewer on BBC Music Magazine noted their variety sometimes playful, at others sober and idiosyncratic', and all in all the set offers many pleasures. It is fairly priced at c.£21 for around three hours of music, best taken a couple of sonatas at a time.


Hyperion provides full information on its website, and the whole of the fourth sonata to listen to on line: http://hyperion-records.co.uk/details/44241.asp


Peter Grahame Woolf