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Kurt Weill

Symphonies Nos. 1 & 2

Lady in the Dark - Symphonic Nocturne (Concert Suite arr. Robert Russell Bennett)

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Marin Alsop.

Naxos 8.557481 [TT 74 mins. Recorded January 2004]

Although Weill is recognised as one of the great writers for the musical stage, there has been a growing interest, in recent years, in his orchestral music. This disc gives an opportunity to enjoy his melodic music and at the same time place his music within the context of the tradition that he came from and was trained in.

The strongest work on the disc and the one with most claims to become a regularly performed work is the Second Symphony. This innately dramatic work is given a fine performance with some superb playing in the strings, brass and woodwind sections. The musicians are allowed to let the music expand and contract and are able to bring out the mixture of pathos and piquancy that exists within the three movements. One can imagine the Symphony providing a great thrill for the players as they performed it. The conductor, who has just committed herself to another three years in charge at Bournemouth, and the orchestra, throughout the disc, take us into the unmistakeable sound world of Kurt Weill.


© Peter Grahame Woolf