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Paul Robeson in 1954

Transatlantic Exchange Concert with an additional 20 Songs

Sain SCD2574

A historic recital in political terms, this remastered recital confirms that Paul Robeson (photographed with his family) was a well-schooled singer as well as the possessor of a fabulous bass voice.

Included are many of his favourites recorded in 1954 and sounding now better than they ever did before, taking me back to memories of his singing on the "wireless" of my youth...

This compilation commemorates his human rights campaigning for racial equality, which earned him opprobium in USA and eventual revocation of his USA passport in 1950 for "communist ties".

This recital was transmitted by telephone from New York to the South Wales Miners' Eisteddfod and the tapes were rediscovered and cleaned up.

Recommended for its historical importance and equally for musical values. Click for full track list including sound samples (a sonorous Kevin Barry and an arrangement of Beethoven's Ode to Joy; that one doesn't find him in best voice though) with purchase information.

Peter Grahame Woolf