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Crying Bird, Echoing Star
The New Music Players

conducted by Patrick Bailey and Roger Montgomery
Rowland Sutherland (flutes), Fiona Cross (clarinets), Mieko Kanno (violin), Michael Atkinson (cello), Richard Casey (piano), Tim Palmer (percussion) with Louise Mott, mezzo-soprano

James Wood: Crying bird, echoing star
Gordon McPherson: Explore yourself
Edward Dudley Hughes: The Sibyl of Cumae
Rowland Sutherland: Timeless Odyssey
Rolf Hind: Horse Sacrifice

London Independent LIR003 [69 mins]


A brief welcome for an exceptionally enjoyable and well produced CD which is to be launched by the same artists with a complete performance of the entire programme on 6 June at the Purcell Room in London; well worth trying to catch live.

The six works cover the gamut of contemporary music, excluding the simplistic. The works were commissiond over a three year cycle and tailor-made for this gifted ensemble. James Wood explores star patterns and bird-song (in the wake of Messiaen); Edward Dudley Hughes sets monologues for Apollo's priestess. Rolf Hind emerges again as a composer after ten years devoted to the piano, during which he 'didn't write a note'; I had been impressed by an innovative piano piece introduced at his launch recital of Trinity College of Music's New Quays project, and Hind's ritualistic Horse Sacrifice is a major work displaying originality and imagination, auguring well for a composing future.

Listen to tracks at: http://www.london-independent.co.uk/LIR003.htm
Buy from www.jansmusic.co.uk. Special price £9 plus p&p.

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