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John Dowland

Seven Lachrimae Pavans and songs


Norwegian Baroque Orchestra
Leader: Rolf Lislevand (lute)
Randi Stene (mezzo-soprano)

[TT 47:57 ]


Seven Lachrimae Pavans

Lachrimae Antique
Lachrimae Antique Novae
Lachrimae Gementes
Lachrimae Tristes
Lachrimae Coactae
Lachrimae Amantis
Lachrimae Verae

Lute solo Fortune


Flow my tears
I Saw My Lady Weep
From Silent Night
Lasso vita mia
All ye, whom love or fortune hath betrayed
In darkness let me dwell

Beautiful, slow music; the famous Lachrimae Pavans were published as a continuous instrumental set, but are here interspersed for variety with a lute solo given by the leader of this Scandinavian period instrument orchestra and some of Dowland's songs, likewise famously sad.

Randi Stene is a versatile opera singer with a wide ranging repertoire, and she adapts excellently to this music with beautiful tone and contolled, sparing vibrato.

I played it through in two sessions; although only just over three-quarters of an hour total, I have a similar problem with this music as with Haydn's Seven Last Words!

It is well presented to Linn's usual high standard and can be unreservedly recommended to patient listeners who share the notes writer's belief that Dowland's sadness has a universal appeal.


© Peter Grahame Woolf