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André Chini, Arne Mellnäs, Per Mårtensson (Flauto con Forza)

1. Rendez-vous II & 2-4. Intimate Games (Arne Mellnäs)
5. Dance and Sentimental Song & 6-8. Concerto for flute and orchestra (Mårtensson)
9. Icaregag & 10. Silent Notes for Madrid (Chini)

Anders Jonhäll (flute) / Pierre-André Valade (conductor)

Phono Suecia PSCD 173

This is another great addition to the "con forza" series which introduces to us contemporary music, often composed for the virtuoso players, always incorporating the latest advanced techniques for their instruments. We have found each of these discs makes for compelling and entertaining listening.

The composers Mårtensson, André Chini, and Arne Mellnäs are all innovative and experimental, yet anchored in tradition. Mellnäs plays Intimate Games between soloist and orchestra; Mårtensson supplies a piece with electronics and a concerto with orchestra; Chini a piece with guitar and also a substantial work for flute and ensemble.

Pierre-André Valade (himself a famous flautist) conducts the various supporting groups and the CD is dedicated to Manuela Wiesler (1955-2006) a much-loved flautist whose early death saddened the flute world.

They are all accessible (at least I think so...) and the presentation is well up to this series' reliable standard, with a generous selection of good colour photos (though the one with only the flute-half of Valade's head is odd?).

The notes are always interesting, and tell us something about concertising in Sweden. For instance, there was an occasion when, without it being programmed, Anders Jonhäll interposed a 15 minute experimental solo by Ivan Fedele before Wagner's Siegfried Idyll, introducing himself and a very different sort of music into a symphony concert.

I believe that would work in UK and it would certainly have enlivened a programme of "bleeding chunks" of Wagner at London's Royal Festival Hall last week !

Peter Grahame Woolf

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