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Haydn/de Fossa Grand duos
Thomas Offermann & Jens Wagner (baroque guitars)

Grand duo pour deux guitares · Opus 2.1 - Hob III:7
1) Allegro · 2) Minuetto Allegro · 3) Adagio
4) Minuetto Allegro · 5) Finale Allegro

Grand duo pour deux guitares · Opus 2.3 - Hob III:9
6) Allegro · 7) Minuetto Allegro
8) Adagio · 9) Allegro Finale

Minuetto un poco allegretto
10) Opus 20.1 - Hob III:31

Grand duo pour deux guitares · Opus 2.2 - Hob III:8
11) Allegro · 12) Minuetto · 13) Adagio
14) Minuetto Allegro · 15) Finale Presto

Koster Maulbronn KuK 74 (http://www.kuk-verlagsanstalt.com/English/Maulbronn/S20DuoSonare.html)

These are pleasing contemporary arrangements of Haydn's relatively little-known Divertimenti for string quartet. Undemanding, elegant music which adapts well to the two guitar medium, and has an added interest because this duo plays always on instruments of the respective musical era, rebuilt copies: "after all, they played on new guitars back then, so why should we have to give concerts with old ones?" !

The sound as recorded in the Laymen Refectory of the 1147 Maulbronn Monastery is superb, and the pleasure vastly enhanced by looking at the fabulous website, with pictures instantly putting you right into the ambience of this World Heritage Site where some 25 concerts are held annually. The K&K catalogue is well worth exploring.


© Peter Grahame Woolf