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Les Elemens: Marais & Rebel

Jean Fery Rebel (1666-1747)
Les Elemens

Le Cahos
Air pour les violons (La Terre et L'Eau) - Chaconne (L'Air)
Ramage (L'Air)

Marin Marais (1656-17280

Suite in A Minor
Tombeau de Mr Meliton
Rondeau moitié pincé et moitié coup

Suite in G major

Sarabande grave
Le petit badinage
Rondeau le Troulleur

Folies d'Espagne

The Palladian Ensemble

Pamela Thorby - recorders
Rachel Podger - violin
Susanne Heinrich - viola da gamba
William Carter - theorbo, guitar

: [SACD TT: 1:07:36]

This is a joyous CD, opening with "the most shocking and original single bar of music composed up to that time", Rebel's representation of Chaos, pre-dating Haydn's with "all the notes of the octave played as a single sound".

Both composers provided flexible scores (Rebel's only exists in short score intended for use at home) and theyt encouraged arrangements for available forces.

Marais was a friend and colleague of Rebel in Louis XIV's court. He wanted his second book of pieces for viols to be played on 'all sorts of instruments', combinations of wind and strings 'fort agreable'.

The Palladian Ensemble by their individual virtuosity and sensitivity have built a body of recordings (endorsed in live performance) which puts their combination of instruments in a class fully comparable to the best string quartets - but they have had to develop a repertoire for it, this CD being a prime example of what is possible. The programme ranges from sparkle to delicious, moving sentiment, ending with a spectacular 15 minutes version by Marais of the ubiquitous Folies d'Espagne.

Superb recording quality, and good presentation with unusually attractive photos which really give a feeling of friends who enjoy playing together; the ideal for chamber music.



Passion & Division from
The First Part of Ayres—Captain Humes Musicall Humors (1605)

Susanne Heinrich - viola da gamba

Loves Pastime; A Jigge;Harke, harke;Now I come; Rossamond;Touch me lightly; The Duke of Holstones Almayne;A Souldiers Resolution;I am melancholy; Tickell, tickell; A French Ayre
Deth; Life; The Spirit of Gambo; Tinckeldum, twinckeldum; Captain Humes Pavan; A Souldiers Galliard; Loves Farewell

Hyperion CDA67811

A disc one might have easily passed by when selecting for review from a monthly list.

Long noted and admired in consort, Susanne Heinrich’s viola da gamba comes into its own solo, and is well served by these expressive pieces. Tobias Hume (b.1579) had "a strong urge to convey deep heartfelt emotion" which gives great expressive opportunities to Heinrich.

After hearing a few of these pieces, you will want more, and the disc is ideal for late night listening. Susanne Heinrich plays two fine original bass viols, and a modern tenor, and she writes her own scholarly notes.

Enjoyed and recommended for sharing.

Peter Grahame Woolf

© Peter Grahame Woolf