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Victoria Borisova-Ollas

Wings of the Wind
Symphony No 1 "The Triumph of Heaven"
Roosters in Love
Im Klosterhofe
Silent Island

Phono Suecia, PSCD 171

An admirable production of music by a composer who spent her childhood in Vladivostok and Moscow, later studied in GB (where?) and Sweden where she now lives. She likes to have a narrative content in her music and is influenced by religious belief, with Biblical texts as mottos for some of her works. Others are eclectic, Roosters in Love an attractive, rather light textured saxophone quartet with titles from Chagall paintings. Im Klosterhofe has cello and piano performing duets with their own tape-recorded voices...

Borisova-Ollas is comfortable writing for all media. I should like to hear her Salman Rushdie opera The Ground Beneath Her Feet, given in 2006 at the Manchester International Festival...

Impeccably recorded and supported by a stylish booklet in Swedish and English, with large black-on-white print, and coloured capital letters to head each work's commentary by 'Sofia Nyblom och Victoria Borisova-Ollas'.

Warmly recommendable addition to the distinguished Swedish label.

Peter Grahame Woolf