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Lidarti - Violin Concertos

Violin Concertos No. 1 in C major; No. 2 in D minor; No. 3in A major; Quartetto (Sinfonia) in G major

Auser Musici/Francesco D’Orazio (violin)

Hyperion - CDA67685

Christian Joseph Lidarti (1730-95) is another new name to learn and not forget again. Re-discovered for these premiere recordings by a Pisan vocal and instrumental ensemble, this is another composer to scotch the "canon" which dominates concerts and recordings. Some 400 works of his can be found in the British Library and in a collection in Tuscany. These here are undated, but this eighteenth-century Italian composer bridges the baroque and the classical periods.

They are superbly realised by the consummate artistry and virtuosity of Francesco D’Orazio, reviewed in London by Musical Pointers teaching a Berio Sequenza and pictured here and (differently) in the booklet seen proudly holding his sweet-toned Guaneri violin.

An excellent first for Hyperion.

Neapolitan Flute Concertos

Composers in brackets after works) Concerto in G major (Giuseppe De Majo).
Concerto in B minor (Gennaro Rava). Concerto in C major (Tommaso Prota).
Concerto in D major (Niccolo Jommelli). Concerto No.2 in G major (Antonio Palella)

Carlo Ipata (flute & director), Auser Musici

Hyperion - CDA67784

For this collection, again the fruits of extensive research, the soloist is the director of Auser Music.

None of these works is ground-breaking, and Jommelli's the only name I knew.

They are rather predictable, each in three fast-slow-fast ovements, and best listened to one or two at a time. Certainly useful for flute department students, and for anyone who is not yet "into" baroque
original instruments.

I shall pass on my copy to my local Trinity College of Music.

The Ipata link above is to a fine You-Tube video, do click and watch!

Peter Grahame Woolf