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... Something New ... Contemporary works for Brass Quintet

James Hesford (b.1954): Chuck's Big Leaps rn
Michael Nyman(b.1944): Masque Arias
Jan Bach (b.1937): Rounds & Dances
John McCabe (b.1939): Hawk In Winter Light
Nigel Waddington (b.1964): Four Miniatures

Mardi Brass
Richard Hammond, Edward Maxwell (trumpets), Jonathan Hassan (horn),
Adam Woolf (trombone), Jeff Miller (tuba)

The Classics Labels; LIR Classics LIR015

This excellent production introduces an important tie-up between London Independent Records (which Musical Pointers has been pleased to review over the years) into a group of niche specialist labels.

The range of styles shows off the brass quintet as a flexible medium. The expert Mardi Brass consists of leading freelancers and orchestral players. My own favourites were the works by McCabe, Jan Bach and Nigel Waddington which each displayed considerable individuality, making a prolonged listen to brass alone less tiring than can be. Fine sound from Piggots, Buckinghamshire, January 2007, and nice artwork including numerous dictionary meanings of "new".

Trombonist Adam Woolf with Trumpter Edward Maxwell discuss the project and most of the composers write about their own pieces helpfully, explaining their inspirations and technical deveopment. The music is as attractive as the "fractal image" cover by Jeff Miller and Adam Woolf (no relation !).

Peter Grahame Woolf