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Dallapiccola, Petrassi, Henze
& Cappello




GOFFREDO PETRASSI (1904-2003) Sestina d'autunno "Veni Creator Igor"; Seconda Serenata Trio for mandolin, guitar & harp; Dialogo Angelico for 2 flutes

LUIGI DALLAPICCOLA (1904-1975) Quaderno Musicale di Annalibera for piano
; Tartiniana Seconda Divertimento for violin & piano ; Parole di S.Paolo for mezzo-soprano & ensemble

Aus kleines Potpourri aus der Oper "Boulevard Solitude"; Märchenbilder (3) aus der Oper "Pollicino"; Toccata mistica; Carillon, Récitatif, Masque; Sonatina for Flute; Neue Volkslieder

ENSEMBLE DISSONANZEN Claudio Lugo/Cristina Zavalloni, mezzo-soprano

Mode 166 & Mode 202

Extreme Guitar Mode 157

The guitar is the thread that unites all these three discs, received together from Mode. The guitar is prominent in the first two, because Ensemble Dissonanzen's basic line-up includes plucked instruments, mandolin, guitar and harp.

Dallapiccola and Petrassi were born in the same year and provided the driving force for new Italian music after Facism.

Their music goes well together and these selections are from their most colourful and listener-friendly scores. I have a good memory of a reticent Dallapiccola accompanying his Tartini rewritings with their dedicatee Sandro Materassi in a BBC lunchtime concert at St John's Smith Square in London.

The Henze disc, likewise, covers his more lyrical oeuvre, much of it stemming from his period living in Italy.






Extreme Guitar
commissions by MARCO CAPPELLI, guitar

Mode 157

Marco Cappelli's Extreme Guitar Project was aimed to provide repertoire for his modified 6-string acoustic instrument, with 8 additional sympathetic strings that can be variably tuned.







He achieved a gratifyingly wide ranging response from improvising/composing guitarist friends who have provided him with a collection of musics - of a type that might have appeared on the lost, lamented, Unknown Public, whose treasured books with CDs of fringe/experimental discs have ceased production, but remain available for downloading on line..

Cappello's project, to provide new music for his own ingenious Extreme Guitar (illustrated), which was designed to incorporate a range of microtonal tunings, the possibilities augmented with the special sympathetic strings. The response has been generous and represents, chiefly, the new York avant-garde scene known as Downtown Music.

One of the pieces included on the disc, Annie Gosfield's Marked by a Hat, tackles the commission head on with a work to be played on those sympathetic strings alone, microtonally tuned to E, D & C and the quarter tones that surround them.

Our guitarist/composer specialist promises a fuller review of the whole ground-breaking disc in due course.

Meanwhile, these CDs, if you splash out, will encourage you to check out Mode Records' monthly releases,
always produced with meticulous loving care and high production standards under the direct guidance of Brian Brandt.

For a recent example of that label's explorations of the byways, do see their unique Feldman DVD.

Peter Grahame Woolf

See also Lou HARRISON's Por Gitaro: Suites for Tuned Guitars