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Wil Offermans The Magic Flute

1. Honami 2. Sutralité 3. Kotekan 4. Nasori 5. Jungle Dance 6. Just A Short Version 7. Thumb Flute Improvisation 8. Baume-les-Messieurs

Flute Ensemble The Magic Flute: Bart Schmittmann (flute; piccolo; water pipe); Eva Schotanus (flute; piccolo; bass lfute); Gesa Wulfhorst (flute; water pipe); Manon Meijer (flute); Maria Haasnoot (flute); Mirjam van der Maas (flute; alto flute); Rene Meulenberg (flute); Wil Offermans (flute; piccolo; bass flute; ching; taiko; otaiko; temple bell) * Junko Ueda (voice) * Johan Mertens (alto flute)

CD E-971- [1997 TT: 63 mins, all compositions by Wil Offermans]

Here is a delightful disc, a "spin off" from the special flute recital (Boustamy/Szram) given recently at St John's Smith Square, at which I first heard of, and heard music by, Wil Offermans. He is clearly a power in the international flute world but, as so often, not yet in UK...

He is clearly an inspirational teacher and this disc showcases some of the work in his Summer Schools. Of his own "art" music, Honami, Jungle Dance (for bottles and flutes), an improvisation for Thumb Flute, and a work for voice and flute are outstanding.

The ensemble draws upon non-Western music, with a Balinese-derived work Kotekan which uses 'interlocking techniques'; are very reminiscent of some of Reich's music, but somehow fresher and less 'driven'.

For Offermans, participation and social involvement are of the essence, epitomised by his work with thumb flutes, children and non-professional musicians.

A heart-warming disc which could help to inspire people from many walks of life.

Peter Grahame Woolf