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Reger String Trio in A minor, Op. 77b; Piano quartet, Op. 113 in D minor

Aperto Piano Quartet

Naxos - 8.570785

It was this lovely, pellucid string trio (a favourite of mine by this sometimes over-heavy composer, who is not greatly favoured in UK these days) which promted me to request this disc for review.

It is a delightful performance by mature musicians with a good track record in German ensembles, who recently formed a new piano quartet, which is embarked upon recording the complete piano quartets and string trios of Max Reger.

This release features the in A minor String Trio of 1904 is aptly characterised by Naxos as 'of Mozartian clarity'; its piano quartet companion, modelled on Brahms’s C minor Piano Quartet, is - contrariwise -credited with a 'grotesque sense of humour' and, in the finale, 'gallows humour', both of which passed me by...

So if you want to acquire the trio - especially if you might have the possibility to play it - I have to advise exploring the couplings with some of the several other versions available.

Peter Grahame Woolf

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