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DARD 6 Sonatas for Cello and Continuo

Kristin von der Goltz (cello), Hille Perl (viola da gamba), Christine Schornsheim (harpsichord).

Raum Klang RK 2701

ANTOINE DARD (c.1720-?) oboist and bassonist in the Royal Service, composed these sonatas "the fruits of sleepless nights" in 1759. They are dominated by melody and expressivity and designed to bring bassoon playing to new heights. Their "exuberant virtuosity and rhetorical extravangance" (Roman Hinke) are unique in the sonata literature Versailles at the time.

Beautifully played and recorded, baroque cellist Kristin von der Goltz (pictured) is supported by fine baroque specialist musicians reviewed before; Hillel Perl and Christine Schornsheim.

Peter Grahame Woolf