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Bach Four Orchestral Suites

Suites: No. 1; No. 2 (Reconstr. Gonzalo Ruiz); No. 3; No. 4

Ensemble Sonnerie/Monica Huggett (vln); dir; Gonzalo X. Ruiz (oboe)

AVIE 2171 (73:45)

This challenging new look at Bach favourites has reduced instrumentation for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Suites, based upon a plausibly argued theory that they originated earlier than usually assumed, when more modest forces were available to the composer.

Gonzalo Ruiz retrieves the 2nd suite from the flute to his own instrument, and this eliminates problems of register, balance and key on baroque flute, equating the problem and solution of Mozart’s Flute Concerto, K 314 - flutes were more numeorus and writing for them more lucrative, hence publications in transcriptions.

Whatever, the proof of the pudding etc... the case is well supported in these fresh sounding and lean accounts of music which is probably in your collection already, but for a change, well worth a listen with Huggett's and Ruiz's up to date ears.

Enjoyable and recommended to Bach collectors

Peter Grahame Woolf