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Sofia Gubaidulina - complete solo piano works

Chaconne. Musical Toys : Mechanical Accordion / Magic Roundabout / The Trumpeter in the Forest / The Magic Smith / April Day / Song of the Fisherman / The Little Tit / A Bear Playing the Double Bass and the Black Woman / The Woodpecker / The Elk Clearing / Sleigh with Little Bells / The Echo / The Drummer / Forest Musicians. Sonata. Toccata-Troncata.

Marcela Roggeri (piano)

Transart TR161 [52 mins]

Sofia Gubaidulina's later works tend to spirituality and religious subtexts, but these piano works (1963-1974) have an attrative wildness of invention and a great deal of humour. The Bach-inspired Chaconne is multi-stylistic with surprising juxtapositions, and the Sonata too has jazzy elements and explores resonances and unusual sounds by inserting objects onto the strings. There is a lot of humour to catch young people's imaginations in her 14 little, aphoristic Musical Toys.

The Argentinian pianist has made this oeuvre her own and the piano is vividly recorded inside and out.


Peter Grahame Woolf