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Hadelich - Violin Solos

Bartók: Sonata for Solo Violin
Paganini: 3 Caprices Nos. 4, 9 & 21
Ysaye: Sonatas for solo violin Op. 27 Nos. 3 & 5
Zimmermann: Sonata for solo violin

Augustin Hadelich

Avie - CD AV2180

This was an engrossing listen; a very well designed programme.

Hadelich is in his mid-twenties and is his own man. He writes his own notes, explaining his choices with refreshing candour. He'd been playing the Bartok since he was twelve, including to Yehudi Menuhin in masterclass, and it became central in his repertoire - "now the time has come to record it". He omitted JSB, planning an intégrale in the future... He chose some lighter Paganini caprices for their "musical merits, often overlooked", and a couple of the Ysaÿe sonatas (composed on the instrument itself) for his violinistic writing; finishing with Zimmermann, "a composer who subjects the violin mercilessly to his own musical language".

He assures us that he had "a great time recording - -" and hopes we have "a great time listening"... Yes, indeed ! But I hope Augustin Hadelich also makes space too for "a great time" away from his violin?

See him on youtube, though the sound there doesn't compare with the perfection, especially of dynamic range and tone quality, of his Strad as recorded at Queens College, New York, around the turn of the 08/09 New Year.

A strong recommendation to violin collectors.

Peter Grahame Woolf