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Barber, Berlioz, Britten & Ravel

Barber: Andromache’s Farwell, Op 39

Berlioz: La mort de Cleopatre

Ravel: Sherezade

Britten: Phaedra, Op 93


Jennifer Larmore – Mezzo

Great Park Orchestra/Carlos Kalmar


Cedille CD 90000 104

Recorded August 2006 & June 2007 – 66 minutes



The combination of music from these four “Royal” ladies makes for a varied and thought provoking hour of listening.   Whilst few of us nowadays can boast the classical education that would make Andromache and Phaedra familiar names, Cleopatra and Sherezade are eternal favourites.


Each composer approaches his task in a distinctive manner, bringing us vivid portraits of these regal ladies.  Three of the four are found at moments of extreme mental anguish, Sherezade alone is in relaxed and seductive mood as she weaves her stories.


Each drama unfolds  with convincing realism.  Larmore is majestic in her rage and irresistible in her sorrow.


The orchestra of Grant Park is well conducted by Carlos Kalmar and the sound balance between voice and instruments is exceptional throughout.


Serena Fenwick