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Haydn String Quartets Op.55 1-3
Meta4 [Hanssler Classic CD 98.587]

Meta4's debut recording has been received and enjoyed. They were required to choose a"single composer" programme and opted for this because they were engaged to play these in a Haydn series in Madrid.Their Basel mentor Hatto Beyerle had said "if you can play Haydn, you can play anything...".

I like the cover, which has suitably dominant the 2nd violinist, who grabbed attention at City of London Festival with her expansive gesturing and postures; the "physical and emotional freedom" whch results from their playing standing up...

It is a good disc, pending some more personal repertoire from them.

They did not have copies with them at St Vedast, which was a mistake; I understand that sales at gigs are often the best way to promote a group, and that would certainly apply to such competitive fare as Haydn quartets...


q.v. Appearance at City of London Festival 2009