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Patrick Nunn

Music Of The Spheres 1. Sphere 2. Ice Giant 3. Giant Failed Star
4. Ganymede 5. Earth 6. Ringed Planet

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Patrick Nunn
(b. 1969) is a British composer with a distinctive musical voice.

His belated first CD (for Thalia Myers, famous for her Spectrum series) is of six piano pieces of increasing difficulty, with added 'space sounds' emanating from data collected from NASA spacecraft.

I presume (and hope) that for live performance those tracks are available to pianists who want to programme the pieces in recitals? *

"Earth", with appropriate visuals, is available to hear at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9POaKN6p6Hg

I have also received a compilation disc of Nunn's other music, which was great for putting the CD in perspective and giving a good idea of the innovative but accessible music of this composer who, at 40, deserves much wider appreciation in UK [Enquiries via http://www.patricknunn.com/emailform.htm].

Peter Grahame Woolf

* The CD of backing sounds is supplied with the score available from Sound and Music