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Purcell: Ten Sonatas in Four Parts

Sonata I in B minor. Sonata II in E-flat major. Sonata III in A minor. Sonata IV in D minor. Sonata V in G minor. Sonata VI in G minor. Sonata VII in C major. Sonata VIII in G minor. Sonata IX in F major 'The Golden Sonata'. Sonata X in D major.

Retrospect Trio Sophie Gent violin Matthew Truscott violin Jonathan Manson bass viol Matthew Halls harpsichord/organ

Linn CKD 332

Launched as "the first recording with a new super-group", this is a highly desirable recording of the second set of Purcell's sonatas. Retrospect Trio's two violinists alternate as Violin 1. They are both very good and so, as usual with Linn, is the recording which occupied a generous four days in June.

At the keyboard Matthew Halls (who for a time has been looking after The King's Consort) varies harpsichord and chamber organ. He provides scholarly notes which emphasise how Purcell here "synthesizes the French and Italian styles without neglecting his English heritage".

Not easy to sort out, but the music is delightful and the whole production at Linn's reliably highest standard, whatever listening format you may have.

Peter Grahame Woolf