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Tchaikovsky Commissioned Works

Moscow Cantata
Festival Overture on the Danish National Anthem, Op. 15
Marche slave, Op. 31
1812 Festival Overture Op. 49
Coronation March

Mariinsky Orchestra/Valery Gergiev

Marinsky CD MAR 0503 [Mariinsky Concert Hall, St Petersburg, February 2009]

A misleading cover image gives the wrong emphasis for an interesting CD of music commissioned from Tchaikovsky before commissioning was usual.

Tchaikovsky was the first "professional" Russian composer and produced high quality music to order, and quickly. 'A perspicacious and patriotic artist', he was a loyal monarchist and supported the Tsar-Peacemaker Alexander III.

The largest work here is the Moscow Cantata, with chorus and two solo singers. The "1812" overture is given a stimulating and fresh performance, with the bells and canons, but without the original choral input as in the RCA Buketov/Philharmonia recording, which had my singer son in the childen's choir.

Fine sound throughout, and notable presentation with full texts and translations, a good essay by Leonic Gakkel and all in strong black on glossy white, readable despite small print size.


Peter Grahame Woolf