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Music for Choir & Guitar by Castelnuovo-Tedesco; Carlos Suri┼łach; Moruja & Nobre

Coro Cervantes/Carlos Fernandez Aransay
Fabio Zanon, Guitar

Marlos Nobre's title track in this collection, set in a mix of languages for tenor, guitar and choir, is splendid - exciting and compelling music [10 mins].

This UK Hispanic choir places a special emphasis on Romantic Music and there, for Musical Pointers, is the rub.

Most of the other items, from mid/late 20 C, are unadventurous, so this disc is not our general recommendation for purchase, but I have not confirmed whether you can buy the Yanomami track separately on line.

However, comprehensive information is available free on Signum's website to help you make up your mind whether it is for you?

Peter Grahame Woolf

Also re Nobre see http://www.musicweb.uk.net/classrev/2000/july00/villa2.htm