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Albeniz Iberia etc for guitars

Iberia Primer cuaderno No.1 (arr. M Llobet). El Puerto Iberia Primer cuaderno No.2 (arr. W Lieske). El Albaicin Iberia Tercer cuaderno No.1 (arr. W Lieske). Tango (arr. R Tarrago). Tango Espanol (arr. E Pujol). Mallorca op.202. Bajo la palmera Cantos de Espana op.232 No.3 (arr. M Llobet). Rumores de la Caleta Recuerdos de Viaje op.71 No.6 (arr. M Llobet). Oriental Cantos de Espana op.232 No.2 (arr. E Pujol). Castilla Suite espanola op.47 No.7 (arr. M Llobet). Cordoba Cantos de Espana op.232 No.4 (arr. E Pujol).

Rumores de la Caleta - Malaguena from Recuerdos de viaje No.6 (arr. W Lieske). Zambra granadina - Danza oriental (arr. A Segovia). Torre bermeja - Serenata from Piezas caracteristicas No.12 (arr. M Llobet rev. W Lieske). Mallorca - Barcarola (arr. W Lieske). Cadiz - Saeta from Suite espanola No.4 (arr. F Tarrega rev. M Llobet). Sevilla - Sevillanas from Suite espanola No.3 (arr. F Tarrega). Oriental from Cantos de Espana No.2 (arr. M Llobet). Cordoba - Nocturno from Cantos de Espana No.4 (arr. W Lieske). Granada - Serenata from Suite espanola No.1 (arr. F Tarrega). Asturias - Leyenda - Preludio (arr. A Segovia rev. W Lieske).

Wulfin Lieske & Fabian Spindler

Challenge Classics CC 72374

Astonishing to remind ourselves that Iberia was written for piano, and neglected by pianists (they are very difficult) until quite recent times. Albeniz preferred his music on guitar (which he didn't play).

I first got to know this seductive music through Artur Rubinstein, later, of course Alicia de la Roche's classic recordings and performances (hers at RFH was one of the first digital broadcasts on BBC radio); many others since, latterly Arturo Pizarro...

This is a superb twofer; a great duo on the first disc, Lieske alone on the Bonus second. Well documented, brilliantly recorded. An obligatto purchase for all guitarists, and a top recommendation for collectors.
Buy & enjoy, guaranteed.

Peter Grahame Woolf