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Balkan Music Piano, Flute & Guitar


Toccata TOCC0041 (TT: 79:14)

For Children
For the Young
Serbian Dances
Seven Balkan Dances
Six Miniatures
Songs from Mur Island
Tabatière à musique
Two Little Suites, No. 1
Two Little Suites, No. 2
Five Preludes
Sonatina (1923)
Sonatina (c. 1947)
Variations on a Theme in C minor

Radmila Stojanović-Kiriluk, piano

A selection of small piano pieces, in which this leading Serbian composer (1900-84) specialised; recorded in Arizona 2004 by a Serbian pianist, now USA based, who has published a book Piano Music of Marko TAJČEVIĆ - Overview & Analysis, and contributes extensive analytic notes, doubtless derived from it.

This music will please everyone who has enjoyed Bartok's Dances in Bulgarian Rhythm and the performances, production and presentation are all excellent.

Cavatina Duo
Eugenia Moliner, flute & Denis Azabagic, guitar

The Balkan Project
Vranjanski Cocek / Raven Dance (Serbian song)* —
Carlos Rafael Rivera (b. 1970) Kad ja podjoh na Bembašu (Bosnian song)*
Vojislav Ivanovic (b. 1959) Eleno, Kerko Eleno (Macedonian song)*
Matthew Dunne (b. 1959)
Kalajdzisko Oro (Macedonian dance)*
Clarice Assad (b. 1978) Psevdah No. 2 / Clear Water (Bosnian song)
Denis Sparavalo (b. 1972) Sivi grivi (Bulgarian dance)*
Alan Thomas (b. 1968) Jovano Jovanke (Macedonian song)*
Michael Karmon (b. 1969) Ajde slusaj kalesh bre Andjo* (Macedonian song) ) —
Clarice Assad Kopanitsa da Kalantchatska (Bulgarian dance)* (—
Boris Gaquere (b. 1977) The Shepherd’s Dream (Croatian song)
Alan Thomas Four Macedonian Pieces
Miroslav Tadic (b. 1958) Jovka Kumanovka (song) Zajdi, Zajdi (song)
Gajdarsko Oro (dance) Pajdushko (dance) Makedonski pesen (Macedonian song)

Atanas Ourkouzounov (b.1970) (from his Four Legends) Rachenitsa (Bulgarian dance)*

Cedille - CDR90000117

Recorded in Chicago, this is a fascinating disc of compositions by mainly non-Balkan composers, derived from traditional Balkan songs and dances, made into a winning sequence of pieces for an excellent duo. Well put together, and vividly recorded. It is up to the generally reliable Cedille standard, with all the music described in detail in annotations running to 10 pages.

Recomended, and will go well if interposed with groups from the TAJČEVIĆ disc.

Peter Grahame Woolf