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Beethoven Piano Trios

Piano Trio in E Flat Major, Hess 47

World Premiere Recording
Piano Trio in D Major, Kinsky/Halm Anhang 3

World Premiere Recording of Version Reviewed and Edited by Robert McConnell
Piano Trio in E Flat Major, Op. 63

Beethoven Project Trio

Çedille CDR9000011


Rediscovered minor Beethoven presented with over-the-top panache. Fine playing and recorded sound from Chicago, but you'll unlikely play them more than once.

Most interesting to me is the extraordinary presentation on a lavish illustrated booklet, which is as thick as you can squeeze into an old-fashioned jewel case!Seven pages history of the project, six analyzing the pieces, eight for biogs and colour photos and - most remarkable of all - six pages listing the multitude of donors to the project, classified in Donor Levels $10 - $100,000 ! *

Wow! I only wish I could have enlisted a fraction of that support for a CD re-release of a worthy project of mine that I have been pursuing for several decades...

The most pertinent (and positive) review is on Classical Candor, which I have been pleased to newly discover.

Peter Grahame Woolf

* Download the whole fascinating booklet as .pdf at

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