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Hummel, Killmayer, Meyer, Regner & Theodorakis

Julius Berger: Music For My Cello

Hummel, B: Fantasia I in G major, Op. 77d; Fantasia II in memoriam Pablo Casals, Op. 97a
Killmayer: Bayerischer Ländler; Kimbrisches Lied mit Tanz
Meyer, K: Sonata No. 2, Op. 109
Regner: Abendlieder
Theodorakis: East of the Aegean version for cello solo, 2007

Julius Berger (cello)

challenge classics cc72376

Selecting discs to consider for review from immense distributor release lists is a painful monthly lottery. This one I might well have passed by, but for having encountered cellist Julius Berger (b.1954) in concert by chance whilst passing through Zurich... Click onto my link to that concert and review of CDs acquired afterwards.

This is as personal an instrumental CD as you'll ever find; each piece dedicated to Berger personally by composer friends. He includes compatriots and also the Polish composer Krzysztof Meyer and the popular Greek Mikis Theodorakis, at whose Athens house he spent a day.

The recording at Augsburg University is warm and impeccable, and the presentation is a delight for us as well as a marvellous memento for Berger himself. There are signed letters, photos and a poetic appreciation of this special musician by Ina Kutulas.

One of the very best solo cello discs you'll ever find, strongest possible recommendation to all who love the cello. Watch Berger playing Boccherini on YouTube.

Peter Grahame Woolf