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Violino o Cornetto

Solo sonatas from 17th century Italy from Cima to Corelli


Theresa Caudle – violin & cornett
Mark Caudle – bass violin & cello
Alastair Ross – organ & harpsichord
David Miller – chitarrone

Nimbus Alliance NI6134

A very interesting and personal disc reflecting this baroque violinist's mastery of a difficult second instrument, one which has enjoyed a revival after being "extinct" for a century and a half or so.

In earlier times, doubling on violin and cornetto was not unusual and many 17 C works were published to be played on either. Theresa Caudle is the only modern violinist to have mastered cornetto as a second instrument and she plays this music on whichever she feels suits a particular piece better (sometimes determined by the key).

I attended an early recording session in the 1960s by one of the new cornetto pioneers (Don Smithers for Argo) and exciting it was. Now the cornetto is ubiquitous in early music circles, but normally it is taken up by brass players.

At first I thought some of Theresa Caudle's cornetto tracks just a litlle cautious in terms of musical phrasing, but many of the pieces are fine, and with varied instrumental accompaniment this makes an enjoyable recital and a welcome CD, very carefully prepared and excellently documented.


Peter Grahame Woolf