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Ortiz, Ferrabosco, Telemann etc

Ortiz, Diego
Cabezon, Antonio de
Ferrabosco, Alfons
Saint-Colombe, Mr. de
Machy, Sr. dero
Telemann, Georg Philipp
Abel, K. F.

Fernando Marin
Vihuela de arco, Lyra-viol & Viola da Gamba solo

quartz 2075

Fernando Marin, originally Spanish, is a musician and scholar whose training and carrer have taken him around internationally. This music of 16th to 18th centrury covers rediscovered early instruments from the sixteenth century, such as the Vihuela de arco and the Lyra-viol, all of them recorded to best advantage to reveal unique sounds. The disc is not nearly as esoteric as one might suppose, and it makes for very pleasurable domestic listening.

Marin plays modern copies of four of the instruments (illustrated R) and this disc eVIOLution should encourage Early Music Departments of the academies and conservatoires to consider teaching them.

It can be accessed and downloaded inexpensively, and the quartz website includes the good practise of having available easily, and for free the whole of the published booklet material and substantial extracts of every track for sampling before purchase.

See Marin both bow and pluck his Vihuela de arco and accompany soprano Nadine Balbeis last year on YouTube .

Peter Grahame Woolf